Research and Development

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it” – Albert Einstein

Chamberlin Marine’s continuously run research and development program ensures that our designs continue to set the standard.  We consistently utilise our own design evaluation platforms to test and refine our developments before releasing technology to our clients.  This means every development we make has been tried and tested on our own boats before making it into yours - no gimmicks, just real ocean testing.

 Over his career many of Robin Chamberlin’s innovations have become standard practice across the industry including the walk through transoms found today on almost all cruising cats world wide.  Other innovations include Robin Chamberlin’s unique X-Beam configurations, his three point loaded rigs and his structurally advanced mast designs to name a few.

The most exciting of our current R&D projects include the recently patented “Chamberlin Hydrodynamically Advanced (CHA) hullform” (United States Patent No. 8,286,570 B2) and our Advanced True Displacement (ATD) hullforms.

Model testing of both the CHA and ATD hullforms has been completed at the Australian Maritime College and sea trials are currently underway of our latest generation prototype, the 7.5m Research and Development Platform Three (RDP3) of the CHA program.  This has proven a great success, validating our predictions and justifying the time and capital expenditure involved in acquiring a patent.  We are very excited about this new technology and are now engaged in refinements and adaptations for use in a range of other functions.  This includes the ‘Hybrid’ version of which there are now two vessels in the water and more under construction.